Zoneedit facilitates getting the maximum benefit from your domains and those of your customers. Both powerful, resilient yet within any IT budget, you will be able to leverage our global network cloud and nearly two decades of industry know-how to your own requirements.

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100% Uptime with DNS Failover

Use Zoneedit to monitor your critical infrastructure and when our globally deployed monitoring cloud detects a problem it will automagically trigger a DNS update within your zone to bring your backup infrastructure online.

1 credit / device / month

No Static IP? No Problem! ™

Run webserver, mail servers, IP PBX, whatever you want on your broadband connection on your terms. Our dynamic DNS instantly updates your hostname whenever your IP address changes.

Included with all DNS packages (including free DNS)

Promote yourself: Email at your own domain

When you use somebody else’s email domain (i.e. gmail or hotmail) you are promoting somebody else’s business every time you hand out your address. Why not promote yourself instead? Using email forwarding to redirect email addressed to your own domain to any third party mailbox you control.

Included with all DNS packages (including free DNS)

Full control over all DNS record types

The Zoneedit control panel enables you to take full control over all aspects of your zones with the ability to individually manage all RR types: NS, MX, A & AAAA (IPv6), SPF (via TXT records), CNAMEs (including domain apex aliasing), SRV and NAPTR records.

Included with all DNS packages (including free DNS)


Additional Features
Round Robin DNS

Distribute your load across multiple servers or disparate points-of-presence. Setting up round-robin records is a snap.

URL Forwarding

Make migrations from one domain to another a snap. Preserve full pathnames in redirects, or setup cloaked (stealth) redirects which keep your domain in the browser location bar.

Domain Apex Aliasing

Need to point your root domain at a Content Distribution Network (CDN), website builder or other third-party hostname that is subject to change? Fear not the “CNAME has other data” error, you can use Zoneedit to alias your root domain as if it was a CNAME.

Sanity Checks

Easily (and prudently?) check the syntax and internal consistency of all your edits before you commit them to the live nameservers (after all, changes at Zoneedit propagate instantly).

SMTP Port Forwarding

Firewalled on port 25? Does your broadband provider think it knows best and you shouldn’t be able run a mail hub on your own computer at home on your own connection? Easily reroute around port 25 blocks with SMTP port forwarding. (premium feature)

Reverse DNS

Make sure your mail servers can actually deliver email by having proper reverse DNS setup for all of your hostnames. (Reverse zones are not eligible for free DNS).

Zone Backups & Rollback

Oh noes! Committed an update with a mistake? Don’t worry, just access your zone backups and rollback to an earlier version of your settings. Crisis averted!