Zones consume credits on a monthly basis to remain active. These zones will automatically consume a credit each month with no action needed on your part. To stop the consumption of credits by a zone, simply delete that zone. If you have no credits left in your account to consume, a zone will display a warning to visitors coming to your website through our nameservers indicating that the zone has expired, and if credits are not purchased to renew the zone within 30 days, it will be disabled.

Credit Pricing
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Product Pricing
Credits per month:
arrow-1 Managed DNS
Primary DNS (4 nameservers), Dynamic DNS
1 credit
arrow-1 Tertiary DNS
1 credit
arrow-1 Backup MX
1 credit
arrow-1 Failover
1 credit

All domain registrations or transfers come with DNS service included (2 nameservers)

New Registration or Transfer
Top Level Domain:
arrow-1 .COM/.NET
incl. Free Whois Privacy
arrow-1 .ORG
incl. Free Whois Privacy
arrow-1 .BIZ/.INFO
incl. Free Whois Privacy
arrow-1 .CA
arrow-1 .US
incl. Free PrivacyGuard
arrow-1 .CH
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Outbound SMTP Pricing
Daily Messages:
Credits per month:
arrow-1 50
1 credit
arrow-1 100
2 credits
arrow-1 500
3 credits
arrow-1 1000
5 credits
arrow-1 5000
10 credits