Free DNS

Does Zoneedit still offer free DNS? YES.

New Users

You can sign up right now and add a free DNS zone. You can increase that to three free zones when you answer a short survey that gets emailed out to you a few days after you sign up.

Legacy Users

5 free zones are back. That’s right, after the Zoneedit acquisition we decided to reinstate the 5 free zones for all legacy Zoneedit users.

The Zoneedit Amnesty Program 😉 If you’re a former Zoneedit user and moved elsewhere, and your acount still exists in good standing (Not deleted by legacy zoneedit) you can still come back, re-activate your old account and gain immediate access to your 5 free zones. We will even import your old DNS settings and email forwarders into your account so you won’t have to start from scratch.

You can use this tool to locate and reactivate your old Zoneedit account.

Features Available with Free DNS

The Free DNS Zones are for the most part fully functional and will be more than adequate for nearly all personal, hobby, community sites.*

All Free DNS Zones include:

  • 2 Production Nameservers in separate datacenters
  • 250,000 queries per month (more than enough in most non-business cases)
  • Dynamic DNS
  • Full zone control: A, CNAME, MX, NS, SRV, TXT, NAPTR and IPv6 (AAAA) records
  • Url Forwarding: Cloaked and redirects
  • Email Forwarding
  • Support via the Community Forums

*(If you are operating a business you are strongly advised to use premium DNS, if only for the added support level and additional nameserver redundancy)

How To Add a Zone for Free DNS

Log into your account, click on the Add Domain link in the upper left menu, and then in the next screen look for the text link in the upper right: