ZoneEdit Public API v1.1 - Copyright © 2011 ZoneEdit, LLC. - All Rights Reserved


NOTICE: This API, while public, is intended primarily for resellers. Our own web site uses this API so it is possible for individual users to make use of this API directly. However, there is no direct support for this API for non-resellers. If you are not a reseller please do not contact support for assistance in using this API. Such requests are not likely to be answered.

NOTICE: Resellers using this API are bound to the ZoneEdit Reseller Agreement and must stay within the guidelines presented therein. ZoneEdit reserves the right to restrict or terminate use of this API for resellers and non-resellers alike at any time for any reason. No warranty, guarantee of functionality or suitability to purpose is provided or inferred.

The API is divided into 5 categories: Authentication, Credit, Service, Util and Other, each served by a distinct endpoint (noted below within each category description). The language used to query each endpoint is unimportant provided it supports HTTPS POST requests and can parse either XML or JSON responses.

All parameters must be passed via HTTPS POST. The GET method is not supported.

Responses are all in JSON format by default. If XML is preferred then the additional parameter "format" must be passed with the value "XML". This may be passed to every method in the API and will result in all responses taking UTF-8 compliant XML format. Because the data must be representable in JSON format the XML equivalent is "simple XML" and lacks attributes.

Other than a few of the Authorization endpoints involved in new account creation and initial login all methods require a "guid" parameter. A successful login will return a guid value which must be used in all subsequent method calls made. That method call (successful or otherwise) will return a new guid which may be used for following method calls though this is not required. Please note that sessions will stay alive for a maximum of 20 minutes from the time of last activity after which a new login must be performed in order to continue interaction with the API.

Code and process examples will be added soon.

Input parameters

With only 2 exceptions every method requires the following input parameters
actionThe name of the method being called
guidThe guid returned by the previous request
JSON is the default return data format. If XML is preferred the following parameter may be specified
format'XML' (default is 'JSON')

Output parameters

Every method returns a map of data that includes
successBoolean true or false, true iff the request was successful and encountered no errors
messageA localized message relating to the state of success
ipAddressThe IP address of the client/caller
mapA potentially empty map of method-specific data (see other sections)
All but a few methods also return
guidA "secret" key usable for another method call

Available Methods

Methods are divided into functional categories, each with its own endpoint URL. The available endpoints are: